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Now we all know what a game old girl Grandma Libby is, recently she went on a cruise with a couple of her closest friends sailing around the Caribbean taking in the sights and culture, she really loved all the pirate stories of Captain Morgan and Black Beard so when she got back home and found out her friend Jane was holding a fancy dress party she already new who she would be going as, yeah you guessed it a pirate, of cause this is grandma Libby and she wasn’t going to stop at that, as you can see from some of the pictures I took this lady now’s how to have a good time in our out of her costume. Continue reading “Shiver my timbers it’s Grandma Libby the pirate”

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I was on my way home the other night, my path takes my a short walk over some local hills, that’s when I first met Sally a blonde teen of 19 she was wearing a dark blue short dress which just covered her ass, she has lovely long legs, she was walking towards me and as we crossed paths she smiled, I smiled back and asked how she was doing, she said year I’m ok, I said your gorgeous are you up here looking for some fun to which she replied yes, I usually meet a friend up here for a bit of fun but he texted me saying he couldn’t make it tonight so I thought I would come up here any way just for the exercise, I said if you like we could climb that small hill where I know a secluded place, we can be alone there, she looked all prim and Continue reading “Sexy blonde teen shows me her panties and nice pert tit’s”

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I am so lucky to have such a wonderful girlfriend she is always up to try my fantasies, well one of my oldest fantasies to have her dressed in a St Trinians style schoolie uniform you now white blouse, Blazer, short skirt, stocking and heels, oh I’m getting hard righting about it, LOL, any way I told her all about my St Trinians fantasy and I saw her eye’s light up, she said lets go down to the woods this week end, I got so excited at the thought of this that I had to take her there and then. Continue reading “Schoolie fantasy in the woods”

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Grandma Libby is one of the hottest mature models to grace our site, I invited her to our new American Diner set to see what she would make of it, as soon as she walked in she loved it and it didn’t take her long to get her big tit’s out and flash her chubby ass, Grandma Libby is always a joy to spend time with, she is always up for anything no matter what kinky things I might suggest her do, mind you one thing I have had to come to terms with is her sexual openness, she is always up for a good fuck after any photo shoot we have done, she has certainly taught me a thing or two I can tell you. Continue reading “Grandma Libby showing her pussy”

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I have known Jane for a while now she is always fun to be with a real laugh, when ever I see her she has a short skirt and low cut top which makes her look so sexy, any way a few weeks ago she invited me on a walk in the country, she said she would pick me up at 10AM on the Saturday morning, I was looking forward to spending the day with her, she arrived on time and she was wearing a blue denim shirt and skirt with high heels, we got into her car and set off, she said she now a nice secluded place with sunning view, she has lovely long legs which I found it difficult to keep my eye’s off on our journey, any way it was only a short drive about 15 minutes, she parked the car and we got out and set off on the public footpath through some trees and then into open pastureland, the sun was high in the sky and it was getting quite warm, she undid a couple of the buttons on her shirt I could see the outline of a boob, she wasn’t wearing anything under that shirt, I was transfixed, she could see me looking at her and smiled. Continue reading “Slim sexy blonde loves exposing her self in the park”

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After our first encounter with fucking out side a few weeks ago I wanted a repeat performance so I instigated a little trip back to where we had our fun, my husband was up for it so we packed the car and set of, we took a light picnic and a couple of bottles of Champaign which we opened as soon as we arrived, I enjoyed the Champaign but it went straight to my head making me feel quite horny, I could see my hubby gagging to get started so I sat on the wall and posed for him, after a couple of pictures he asked my to hitch up my skirt which I did and take my pantyhose off so he could get a shop of my camel toe, we must have been fooling around for an hour or so when he said I bet you can’t take that bottle in your pussy, I looked at him surprised but after a bottle of bubbly the idea seamed to intrigue me so slipped my panties down picked up the picked up the bottle and slowly slipped it inside my vagina. Continue reading “Blonde milf gets fucked with a Champaign bottle”

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What a wonderful day the sun was shining and the birds where singing there was a real feel of spring in the air so me and my husband decided to go for a walk to a local beauty spot, he has been an amateur photographer for many years and loves taking naughty pictures of me so this was an ideal opportunity to have some fun, he asked me to tease the camera by hitching up my skirt a little to show off my legs, although the sun was beautiful is was still early in the year and a little chilly which is why I have stocking and knee high boots on but he said that only adds to the fantasy, he then slipped the camera between my legs and clicked away loving every minute, then he asked me to get my boobs out so he could shoot my feminine charms, I was getting very horny now and my nipples where erect and hard which my husband noticed, he said my your in the mood to which I replied yeah put that camera down and come here. Continue reading “Blonde milf gets fucked outside at beauty spot”

Tending my vegetable garden naked

I have always been an exhibitionist, I have no fear of being naked in public at all, but when I am at home I like to walk round in the buff, if the weather is nice I like to get out in my vegetable patch for a spot of weeding, of cause I do put on a pair of knee high boots, my piny and straw hat which keeps the sun out of my eye’s, last June I was working in my vegetable garden as usual when my neighbour happened to pop round for some advice on his runner beans, he new very well I am scantily dressed while working in my garden but this didn’t seam to bother him, it certainly didn’t bother me, any way I answered his questions while I bent over to pull some weeds out not thinking about him standing behind me, I look up and he had a huge grin on his face and said your are gorgeous, I love your pierced pussy, I could tell he was getting very aroused and I must admit I was felling horny, I led him over to a bail of straw and told him to get naked, which he did, he had a large thick cock which I had to have, we had a lovely afternoon fucking in my vegetable garden that afternoon and since then he often pops round to service my ming. Continue reading “Tending my vegetable garden naked”

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I regularly take my dog for a walk down by our local canal but yesterday I had an experience that I will never forget, I was doing my usual route when I saw this hot blonde walking on the other side of the cut there was a bridge in between us so I decided to cross the bridge to get a better look at this stunning lady, she new I was watching her and I could see a cheeky smile come over her face, as I got closer to the bright I saw her lift her white tee shirt revealing her purple bra, I must admit I was a little taken aback but kept up my pace reaching the bridge first, it took less than a minute to get over to the other side of this waterway and I turned to head in her direction I had to go down some steps to continue my journey, she was very close now I could see she was wearing classes which made her look even more sexier. Continue reading “Blonde milf Sandie flashing her tit’s and pussy at the side of a canal”

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I have always had a passion for adventure and being a petrol head to boot gives me the opportunity to have some real fun, I love riding my quad bike and can often be seen driving around our local lake, last weekend the weather turned out to be really good so I thought I would go out for a spin, I like to ride my ATV hard and I must admit that sometimes I get very horny having this 250cc beast throbbing between my legs, one part of the lake is very secluded so I often stop for a rest usually stripping out of my leathers to skinny dip in the lake, and that’s what I did last Sunday only as I was splashing about in the water I noticed this guy in his forties looking around my bike, well I was totally naked my clothes where at the waters edge so I couldn’t just walk out and ask him what the hell he was doing. Continue reading “Adventuroues lady gets fucked by a lake”